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Vehicle graphics: Be Seen for Less

According to the Small Business Administration and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), vehicle graphics offer the lowest cost per impression of any form of advertising.  Simply put, vehicle wraps are the most cost effective way to advertise.  Depending on your location and how much you drive, upwards of 70,000 people will see the vinyl graphics on your vehicle.

On average, you pay around $.35 each time someone sees your graphics.  Compare that to approx. $3.50 for a business sign, $19.50 for a newspaper ad and a whopping $22.00 for a TV spot.

In addition, the OAAA showed that vehicle graphics can reach over 90% of people.  Furthermore, people are 15 times more likely to recall an ad on a vehicle than through any other form of media.

The numbers are hard to argue with.  But, there are more reasons to wrap your business vehicles.

Versatility–Vinyl graphics can be incredibly attractive and effective.  Today’s sign shops are equipped with the latest full-color printers that can print vibrant life-like images.  These images can literally transform your vehicle into a moving billboard.

An experienced graphic designer can line up the graphics to make sure your text and important images are laid out correctly on the surface.  It’s crucial that your text and images don’t get lost in the seams and crevices of your car, truck or van.

van wrapA professional installer will make sure the vinyl isn’t creased, torn or applied with bubbles under the surface.  Many people believe they can grab a piece of vinyl and stretch it across a car’s surface.  But, it won’t take long to realize an experienced installer is well worth paying.

With a proper team, vinyl graphics can be whatever you need them to be.  They can show people your products, list your services and broadcast your cause.

24/7 work ethic–A vehicle covered in graphics is always on display.  Many companies choose to simply drive their wrapped vehicles around town without an actual destination, just to put the graphics on display.

When not in use, companies have been known to park their head-turning cars and trucks in lots next to high traffic areas.  This is a fantastic way to grab attention without putting forth any effort.SAMSUNG

Today’s premium vehicle vinyl has a 5-7 year life span.  This is pretty good considering the exposure you get in a single day.  High quality laminate helps prolong the life of the graphics, as well.

With proper care of your vehicle and graphics, your wrap job will prove a daily advertising champion.

Brand awareness–The name of the game is to create a noticeable brand for your company.  What better way to do that than by deploying a fleet of moving billboards around town?

Make sure the design and message are clear.

Many brands are created by using only a color.  Think of John Deere green, UPS brown and Caterpillar yellow; these companies have become known for their colors.  This type of branding isn’t just for large companies.  Strategic use of color–and a constant presence in front of people–can level the playing field between small and larger companies.

Whether it’s a color, shape, character or font, the important aspect to remember is consistency.  A brand is a consistent, constant recognizable image.  Don’t compromise your image and brand.  Stick with it and get it out there.

Of course, there are other benefits of wrapping your vehicles.  But, these reasons should be enough to convince you go out and wrap your fleet.