Are You Ready for a Movement?

About 2 weeks ago, the PR Network of the Quad Cities hosted an event at The Food Hub in Downtown Davenport and the topic was Q2030. Maybe you have heard of it, but it is very possible you have not. In which case all you see is letters and numbers. Whichever is true for you, if you live in the Quad Cities or surrounding areas, it is a topic you are going to want to get to know.


I would call it a movement. A movement towards four main themes: cool places, creative people, a connected region, and a prosperous economy. But what does that mean? Well a group of a few thousand Quad Citizens have conducted research over the past two years and discovered our community’s strengths as well as the challenges we are facing, and by focusing on these four themes, the Quad Cities will become a global statement.


Here is the vision of the movement: “The Quad Cities region is recognized globally in 2030 for growing and attracting talent and businesses, is energized by a diverse and culturally rich community, inspires innovation and embraces lifelong learning.”


If that doesn’t get you excited about living here…well…maybe I didn’t explain it right. WE ARE LIVING IN A CITY READY FOR CHANGE! The movement embraces the unique characteristics that make us an extraordinary place with rich resources as well as has a plan to handle the challenges we are facing and WE get to be a part of it.


Why does it involve us? The Q2030 plan addresses what can be done to:

  • create economic opportunity for everyone who calls the Quad Cities home
  • build a talented workforce so business owners can find the workers they need to grow
  • educate workers so they can land the jobs of the future
  • help us compete with other metro areas in the country and around the globe
  • improve our quality of life.


All I know is I’m on board. I’m ready to embrace the amazing things the Quad Cities ALREADY has to offer and I wait in expectation of what is to come. Join the Riverbend Signworks team and hundreds of others in the movement by clicking here. If you’re not quite sold yet, visit the website, q2030.org, to learn more.