Let’s face it, I think we’re all ready for some warmer weather, right? Maybe the thought of spring is giving you thoughts about freshening up your advertising. What better way than to do that than a boat or vehicle wrap? Wait, Riverbend Signworks does boat wraps and why would someone want their boat wrapped? Well, for the same benefits of car wraps. They are a GREAT way to make a memorable and lasting impression to a potential customer.

There are some major benefits of wrapping (and we don’t mean Snoop Dogg).

  1. ATTENTION GRABBING – Obviously, a brightly colored wrap on a vehicle or boat is going to catch the eye of a passerby, which will naturally keep them engaged.  Your work truck or trailer is prime advertising real estate. Surprisingly, business owners don’t always make that connection. As soon as you decide to wrap up your work vehicle, you’re getting a leg up on your competition.
  2. Get Mobile (literally) – As a business you are able to non-intrusively reach out to your customers whether you’re on the roads, parked, on the river, at a job site, etc. The exposure is virtually endless. This way customers don’t have to wait to see a commercial, e-mail, etc. It also shows the importance and pride you have in your business.
  3. Wide Reach – It is statistically shown that many businesses gain more customers from their vehicle wraps rather than their websites. Per impression (set of eyes that see your advertising), vehicle wraps are the least expensive form of advertising you can use. The cost per impression is about $.60. For comparison, print ads can be upwards of $20 per impression.
  4. Non-Aggressive – Without intruding, vehicle and boat wraps attract attention without interrupting your customers during their work day. They don’t need to pick up a phone or open an email. They are essentially coming to you.
  5. Local Buzz– Vehicle and boat wrap advertising can create a stir in your local market. Using careful and thoughtful images, messages and even an iconic figure will create the recognition you need to stick in someone’s head. Think of your wrap as a jingle – who doesn’t like a good jingle?
  6. Protection – Riverbend Signworks uses premium vinyl and laminate. It’s not often thought about, but a vinyl wrap actually protects the body and paint of your vehicle, both from minor dings and UV.


If you want an effective way to advertise that will pay for itself quicker than just about any other form, a wrap is the way to go. Plus, what a great way to stand out from your competition. The secret to effective advertising is making a great first impression, as well as a lasting one.

Please contact us for a quote. We can wrap just about anything, so no request it too odd.

And if you don’t know, now you know”- Snoop Dogg