Posted on June 15, 2017 by Abby Winfree

Can my car be wrapped? Can my truck be wrapped? Can my boat be wrapped? Can my plane be wrapped? The answer to “What can you wrap” is easy. ALMOST ANYTHING. While it seems like vehicles are the number one item to be wrapped, don’t let the vinyl fool you. Virtually anything can be wrapped. If your business wants to gain the attention of consumers, you are going to want to put your brand in front of multiple faces, every day. This is where elevator wraps come into play. Yes, elevators. Elevator wraps are an excellent way to utilize the space you already have. In addition to using an elevator wrap for your own advertising space, you could sell the space, creating sponsor revenue. Research shows elevator wraps generate a 96% recall rate.

Why elevators?
Elevator passengers are the most captivated audience. When you think about it, people often feel uncomfortable in elevators because they are around strangers and don’t know what to say or do. This creates the perfect time to look at the colorful display right in front of you. Elevator wraps can also be on the inside, which provides a welcome distraction to occupy people’s attention until they arrive at their destination. Both the inside and outside of elevators make great advertising opportunities.

What are the best places to utilize elevator wraps?
Anywhere you can expect a lot of, and varied, foot traffic is a great opportunity for an elevator wrap advertisement. Examples of these places would be malls, office buildings, hotels, airports, universities, and hospital. With an elevator wrap, people can see the ads every day when they leave and return to their apartment buildings or when they arrive at and then leave their workplaces. Studies show that people who are exposed to ads repeatedly over a longer period of time are more likely to make purchases.

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