Posted on June 21, 2017 by Abby Winfree

You may ask yourself, how do I improve the look of my lobby? From the lobby to the restrooms, you want your customers to feel welcomed. Take advantage of the space that you have, and create an inviting atmosphere using wall decals. There are many reasons why walls decals are amazing, here are a few:

  • 100% customizable size, shape, and image
  • Easy to clean using a wet cloth and mild soap
  • More cost effective than hand painting
  • Quick to install
  • Turns naked walls into advertising or brand building opportunities
  • Imagery range from text to photography to art

While we already know that vinyl wall decals introduce branding and corporate identity benefits to businesses, productivity can also be positively influenced. Surround yourself and customers with walls that keep you inspired, creative, and productive.

You know you want to add wall decals, but where should you put them?

  1. Lobby: What does your lobby look like right now? Some tasteful plants? A small lobby sign? A stack of magazines? Why not put your company mission statement and logo on the walls? This creates a strong, positive impression.
  2. Conference Room: Not every office space can have a conference room with a row of windows looking over a majestic cityscape. If your conference room is made up of four windowless walls, jazz it up. Create your own view with large wall graphics.
  3. Break Room: Everyone needs a little me time during the work day, even if it’s only to grab a quick bite on lunch break. Eating your lunch in a visually different environment away from your desk will leave you twice as refreshed and ready to work through the afternoon.
  4. Hallways: Hallways are often overlooked, yet are a great opportunity to show the timeline of the business. This can give customers a background of history, and employees a sense of pride.

Where can you buy vinyl graphics in the Quad Cities? Here at Riverbend Signworks we are dedicated to helping Quad Cities and surrounding areas grow their business through various types of signage, including custom made vinyl decals. Our goal isn’t simply to make a sign for you, but to understand and develop a message that meets your needs.

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